Visual Thinking Software Tools eBook

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Download Instructions

The links within the pdf file will only work if you have Adobe Reader 10 or higher installed on your computer. To download the latest version of Adobe Reader please click here.

Bonus Flip-Page eBook

This eBook is also available as a dynamic flip-page book. The flip-page book is delivered as a software application (.exe file), allowing you to view pairs of pages at one time (Windows only). It’s ideal for reading on large computer screens. Click here to download the flip page eBook version.

The Mind Mapping Wiki

If after reading this eBook you have a desire to learn more about visual thinking and related topics, than I would highly recommend visiting WikIT.

WikIT is an online wiki dedicated to mind mapping, concept mapping and related diagramming tools. It’s a great source for those who are looking to improve their visual information management and mapping skills.

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