8 Self-Help Mind Map Book Summaries

Today I would like to give you access to eight of the best self-growth books that have been conveniently summarized in mind map format. These mind maps were created using MindManager mind mapping software, however I’ve converted them into a convenient interactive pdf format that you can view on your computer. There is an interactive pdf version available below as well as a standard pdf version.

When downloading the interactive version, please download it to your desktop and then open it from there using the latest version of Adobe Reader. Please also be patient when opening these files. They can at times take a few minutes to load the interactive mind map format elements.

Alternatively these mind maps are also available in MindManager format from Litemind. If you don’t currently have a copy of MindManager, than simply download a free 30 day trial from the Mindjet website, otherwise simply right click each image below to save the interactive pdf files on your computer.

When you open the pdf files you will need to click on the (+) button at the end of each branch within the mind map to expand the content.

Also download the pdf files to your computer as they may not display correctly when viewed within your browser window.

Please select either interactive or standard pdf format for each map from the options below.

A Whole New Mind

A Whole New Mind posits that the future of global business belongs to the right-brainers. The fourth stage is where Pink focuses on how businesses can be successful. Pink references three prevailing trends pointing towards the future of business and the economy: Abundance (consumers have too many choices, nothing is scarce), Asia (everything that can be outsourced, is) and Automation (computerization, robots, technology, processes). This brings up three crucial questions for the success of any business: When these questions are present, creativity becomes the competitive… [more]

Made to Stick

The book continues the idea of “stickiness” popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in The Tipping Point, seeking to explain what makes an idea or concept memorable or interesting. A similar style to Gladwell’s is used, with a number of stories and case studies followed by principles. The stories range from urban legends, such as the “Kidney Heist” in the introduction; to business stories, as with the story of Southwest Airlines, “the low price airline”; to inspirational, personal stories such as that of Floyd Lee, a passionate mess hall manager. Each chapter includes a section entitled “Clinic”, in which the…. [more]

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

Here’s a personal growth guidebook that’s won the admiration and recommendation of Ted Hughes, Poet Laureate of England. He calls this “a brilliant, practical guide to awakening and training our vast, unused resources of intelligence and ability.” Author Michael Gelb, founder of High Performance Learning and consultant for companies including AT&T and National Public Radio, says that we all can unlock the “da Vincian” genius inside us. Gelb says there are seven critical principles that need to be followed for success, whether you’re learning a new language, studying to be a… [more]

The Medici Effect

Johansson, founder and former CEO of an enterprise software company, argues that innovations occur when people see beyond their expertise and approach situations actively, with an eye toward putting available materials together in new combinations. Because of ions, “the movement of people, the convergence of science, and the leap of computation,” a wide range of materials available for new, recontextualized uses is becoming a norm rather than an exception, much as the Medici family of Renaissance Italy’s patronage helped develop European arts and culture. For cases… [more]

Journal to the Self

Journal to the Self is a wonderful smorgasbord of ideas for personal journal writing and for writing in general. Taking proven journaling techniques from a myriad of resources and condensing them into a single tome, Kathleen Adams effectively gives her readers the opportunity to explore different facets of journal writing. Whether you have fifteen minutes or five hours, Kathleen Adams has an approach for you. From “Topics du Jour” to Dr. Ira Progroff’s Steppingstones, both veteran journal keepers looking for clever methods of journaling and novices trying to find interesting… [more]

Getting to Yes

Since its original publication nearly thirty years ago, Getting to Yes has helped millions of people learn a better way to negotiate. One of the primary business texts of the modern era, it is based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project, a group that deals with all levels of negotiation and conflict resolution. Getting to Yes offers a proven, step-by-step strategy for coming to mutually acceptable agreements in every sort of conflict. Thoroughly updated and revised, it offers readers a straight-forward, universally applicable method for negotiating personal and professional disputes… [more]

The Now Habit

Originally published by Tarcher in 1988, The Now Habit has sold more than 58,000 copies, and is as relevant as ever! Author Neil Fiore offers the first comprehensive strategy to overcome the causes of procrastination and to eliminate its deleterious effects. His techniques will help any busy person get more things done more quickly, without the anxiety and stress brought on by failure to meet the workplace’s pressing deadlines. As the title of the book suggests, procrastination is a habit — it’s not caused by lack of organization or lack of time management skills. If you’re looking for time… [more]

Brain Rules

Multitasking is the great buzz word in business today, but as developmental molecular biologist Medina tells readers in a chapter on attention, the brain can really only focus on one thing at a time. This alone is the best argument for not talking on your cellphone while driving. Medina (The Genetic Inferno) presents readers with a basket containing an even dozen good principles on how the brain works and how we can use them to our benefit at home and work. The author says our visual sense trumps all other senses, so pump up those PowerPoint presentations with graphics… [more]

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