The IQ Matrix Scholarship Program

Full and part scholarships offered to all IQ Matrix members

Ever since the launch IQ Matrix I’ve been receiving tremendous feedback from members about the IQ Matrix maps they’ve downloaded. Many members have informed me that they find the maps of great value, and as a result some of them invested in a Lifetime Membership. However, for other IQ Matrix members the Lifetime (soon to be Platinum) Membership isn’t within their financial reach at the moment. I therefore assume that if you’ve managed to stay subscribed to the IQ Matrix email list for 12+ months, and still haven’t become a paying member, that the main reason you are not taking the plunge, is due to financial circumstances.

All this got me thinking… There are passionate and genuine IQ Matrix members out there who could potentially gain tremendous value from the Lifetime Membership. Access to these IQ Matrix maps could possibly be the one key resource they need that might help trigger positive change in their lives. Why not offer these loyal members an opportunity to apply for an IQ Matrix scholarship.

An IQ Matrix scholarship will provide you with free access to the Lifetime Membership portal where there are currently 300+ self-growth mind maps available for download that will help you overcome just about any challenge or problem that life throws your way. I won’t go into any details here. Simply click through to the Lifetime Membership page for more information.


If you’re interested in applying for the IQ Matrix scholarship program, then simply fill in the form below and provide as much information as you can within the appropriate fields.

We will be inviting up to three IQ Matrix members to join the scholarship program every month. Applicants will be chosen based on the responses given to the questions outlined below.
Please understand that we often do not reply or respond to application for a scholarship. However, we may at times contact you to ask additional questions.
The IQ Matrix scholarship program is only available to current members who have been subscribers for over 12 months. Therefore when registering your details below, please be sure to use your IQ Matrix membership email address, otherwise your application will not be accepted.

IQ Matrix Scholarship Program