Overcoming Adversity Resource List

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Download Instructions

The saving money mind map was created using MindManager mind mapping software. There are two versions of this mind map available for download below.

Version #1: The first file is an interactive pdf copy that anyone can download and view on their computer. Please however make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer and that you open the pdf file outside of your internet browser using Adobe Reader.

Version #2: This is the original MindManager copy of the mind map.  To view this version you will need to have MindManager installed on your computer. MindManager offers a free trial period that you can use to try out the software. Alternatively you can use the free Xmind mind mapping software to view this file, however please do keep in mind that Xmind might alter the formatting of the map. Please also note that this file has been zipped and you will therefore need to first unzip the file using 7zip.

How to Use This Map

This mind map contains links to 50 articles/videos that will help you to overcome adversity in your life. These resources have been collected from a variety of high quality internet sources and blogs. All links have been checked and should be working. However, if you do come across a broken-link than please let me know.

The mind map has been divided up into seven distinct headings. However, please keep in mind that some articles could very well be categorized under several headings. Therefore please use the categories/headings as a guideline.

To expand each branch of this mind map you will need to click on the plus [+] button. This will help open up smaller branches that will give you more information about each of the links and articles. Please see example below.

On each of the branches you will also find a notes section. Clicking on this notes section will open up a right side-panel that will provide you with an overview of the article.

To read the full article you will need to click on the link (found on the left of the notes section) which will take you to the website’s article page.

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