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Unless you change who you are, you will always have what you've always had and nothing more.

Adam Sicinski


  • The MasterMind Matrix eBook
    The MasterMind Matrix eBook

    This eBook is based on Version 2.0 of the MasterMind Matrix. The latest version of the MasterMind Matrix is Version 3.0. However, the topics within both versions of the chart a very much the same. Therefore reading through this eBook will help you to understand both versions of the chart.

  • Glossary of Terms and Concepts
    Glossary of Terms and Concepts

    Includes an explanation of key terms and concepts used within the MasterMind Matrix 3.0. Reading this article along with the eBook will provide you with a detailed summary of various segments of the chart.

  • The MasterMind Matrix Development Process
    The MasterMind Matrix Development Process

    Clicking on the link above will take you to a page where I discuss how the MasterMind Matrix came together over the years. On this page you can also watch a couple of videos that help break down various aspects of the chart. I have also included 24 image that give you a closer look at certain sections, and if you're interested you can also purchase the chart from the page.

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Some Feedback About the Chart

This is an incredible piece of work and one which I am sure will become very popular and deservedly so. Reading the MasterMind Matrix is like navigating a Google Earth for the brain – I kept smiling as I discovered more and more and more. It is like a blueprint of the human makeup…. or a workshop manual to being human. As I was looking around the Matrix it felt like someone had put a balloon in my brain and was pumping it up…what I mean by that is, it encompasses all of the many hundreds of books I have read on my own personal journey and it feels like this is a Master Plan that brings everything together; that makes the connections. I feel this is a wonderful overview and guide to self-improvement and it will enable readers to quickly identify where they are in their own personal development, and where they need to concentrate their attention and efforts to make further progress.

Paul Foreman

Wow! What more can I say? I was looking for words to describe this amazing piece of work. I just starting following the first steps in the Matrix, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing to see the culmination of years of life coaching experience — along with dozens of personal development books — all on a single mind map! As for me, I can’t even imagine the work involved in making all these pieces fit together in a single framework. Thank you so much for putting it all together, Adam!

Luciano Passuello

Looking at the chart as a whole is like seeing the map of a city. You can see roads to multiple blocks within the city. Within each block, you can see how those roads split into small streets. Following the roads in the chart makes you feel like you are traveling in the city of Self Improvement.

Donald Latumahina

Since the 2000 I become a adept of Tony Buzan’s mind mapping. Probably it couldn’t be good enough for everyone but works a lot for me. At my searching about lifelong learning I founded your amazing work. It’s an encyclopedic amount of information on each main idea. Very nice, thanks a lot.

Jose Simoes Neto

This MasterMind Matrix is jam-packed with content and concepts. The amount of information in it could take quite some time to process and make use of. Its sheer size make it somewhat of an item that is a definitive foundational source. The imagery in it consists of high-quality creations that make the map much more visual than the vast majority of mind maps that have been released. Someone could easily focus on a small section of the whole matrix for a day, and then focus on another section the following day, eliciting beneficial effects from the whole entity for a substantial period of time.

Armen Shirvanian

At first glance the map might seem overwhelming but it is more and more powerful the more you explore it and study it. The map is simple packed full of helpful concepts, outlines, and reveals a lot about oneself when you really take some time to keep exploring it. It’s certainly impressed me and I know I can always find new ideas and topics to ask myself questions of as I continue to access it in for some time. Thanks for the map Adam, it’s been a joy to use it!

Mike King

Adam, your work is absolutely fantastic, and I can’t wait to view the chart in its entirety, an dlaso as micro maps. Very interesting and useful approach to Viusally expressing information and knowledge

Wallace Tait

This is an extraordinary chart! Simply incredible.

Chance Brown

Your MasterMind Matrix ebook has been the focus of my study now for three months. You are a gifted man. I wish I had words to describe how deeply, fully and completely you have impacted my life and my thinking for good. A simple “Thank YOU” just doesn’t begin to represent the depth of my heartfelt gratitude. Your charts are going to be used and valued by me and everyone I can share them with from now on. My appreciate and deepest respect for your amazing work.

Caramia Green

Your MasterMind Matrix is excellent. The nuances of entire human psychology including self-realization and quantum psychology is simplified for a layman to understand. Anyone going through the MasterMind Matrix series will understand the intricacies of the working of the human mind. In fact, there is no area that is not covered in a human life and beyond. It requires re-reading several times to grasp it fully.

The amount of thinking that has gone into this work in unimaginable. It is unimaginable that one person/brain/mind can bring out entire human life that encompasses all the faculties/areas of life into one page.

- Dr. Murugappan

Oh my god, this is one of the best book i have ever read in my life. My favorite passage is: 4.6% of the Universe is made out of atoms, 23% of the Universe is made out of dark matter, and 72% is made up of a substance known as dark energy. Over the years several controversial studies have shown how our thoughts are able to directly influence and control the sub-atomic world and manipulate matter. In a classic study, Masaru Emoto discovered that water that is subjected to positive thoughts formed beautiful crystals, while water exposed to negative thoughts formed either no crystals or deformed crystals. He concluded that our thoughts had a direct impact on the water. 60% to 70% of the human body is water. Therefore if our thoughts can do that to water, what are they doing to us? Thank you for taking the time to write this book. I appreciate your hard work.

- Amite Shwar

The MasterMind Matrix is amazing. It has put most of what I use in my counselling business on one page. It is a big page and it is on my wall.

- Carey

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