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Mind Mapping Insider Program Reports

These two exclusive reports are part of Chuck Frey’s premium Mind Mapping Insider membership program. The program is designed to help you leverage greater creativity, productivity and efficiency from your mind mapping software. The two premium reports that Chuck has graciously shared include:

Dashboard Mind Maps: Helping you boost your levels of productivity using mind mapping software.

Mind Mapping for Managers: Nine ways for managers and leaders to utilize mind mapping software more effectively.

These are two premium reports that Chuck has produced for his Mind Mapping Insider program members. There are many more reports like this within the program that provide members with a comprehensive amount of information designed to help them gain incredible — and at times unexpected — value from mind mapping software.

About Chuck Frey

Chuck Frey is the founder and publisher of the Mind Mapping Software Blog, the leading source of news, trends and best practices related to mind mapping software and other visual thinking tools and techniques. It covers a variety of topics that are focused on the needs of users of mind mapping software.

Chuck is also the author of the Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software e-book, a collection of tips and best practices for current users of mind mapping software that has become the de facto standard for this type of productivity tool.

Mind Mapping Insider Membership

Think of the kitchen and its world-class implements as your mind mapping software. It can do so much, just like your top-notch cooking environment – if only you have the ingredients, recipes and skills to use its full capabilities. Without these elements, you can still produce simple dishes. But much of the kitchen’s potential will remain untapped and squandered. If you’re happy with hamburgers, then that’s fine. But if you have a taste for foie gras or Kobe beef, then you’ll have to get your A-game on.

In other words, you can create simple mind maps with your powerful software. But it’s capable of so much more. When you become a member of my Mind Mapping Insider program, I will show you how to leverage greater creativity, productivity and efficiency from your mind mapping software. You’ll learn powerful new techniques you can try, and pitfalls to avoid when creating visual maps for your business.

The Mind Mapping Insider program includes:

  • “How-to” reports
  • Audio interviews with experts
  • Mind map analysis
  • Monthly coaching calls
  • Video product reviews
  • Video reports
  • And more…

Going back to our food analogy, the purpose of the Mind Mapping Insider membership program is to give you the tools and techniques (recipes and tutorials) and ingredients (tips, templates and inspiration) to enable you to create something really special — maps that help you to be more successful!

This program isn’t for everyone — only for those of you who dream of making a difference in your work and life.

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