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Below you will find over 200 editable MindManager maps ready for download. Whenever a new map is uploaded to your lifetime membership portal it will be added to this zip file. However, for your convenience the individual file of this map will be available for download from the updates page for a period of 3 months. After 3 months they will be removed, but can still be found on this page within the zip file.

100% of MindManager maps are available for download.

Don't Pay Full Price for MindManager...

If you would like to purchase MindManager, then I have organized a 10 percent discount off the regular price. Simply visit the MindManager Store and checkout as usual. Then when given the option to enter a coupon code, please use: SALES615Z

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, then you also have another option for a potentially slightly larger discount on MindManager. The discount provides you with up to $80 off the current price (depends on the current exchange rate). Simply email me at [email protected] and within the subject line of your email write: Applying for MindManager discount. Please also include your name within this email. I will then send you further instructions on how to take advantage of this offer.

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Biggerplate is the home of the world's largest mind map library. Users from around the world upload their mind map creations to share with others. Their mind map library contains thousands of free mind map templates and mind mapping examples that show how real people are using mind maps every day to improve their working and learning!

Biggerplate have also put together some fantastic mind mapping courses that are designed to help you manage and improve your productivity at work using MindManager, iThoughts, MindMeister, iMindMap, and Xmind.

As an IQ Matrix Lifetime Member I have organized a 25% discount off of each course. Simply use the coupon code: IQMATRIX25 when checking out. Clicking on the links below will also automatically apply the coupon code to your cart. Click through on each image to watch a video with a course overview of the material.





Your Downloads Please click on the link below to download the maps to your computer or device.

These MindManager files are not fancy, so please don't expect much visually from them. They are simply text-based with a few icons to provide some guidance and direction.

You will find in some circumstances that there is more content included within the individual MindManager maps. Unfortunately I can’t always fit all the content I would like into each IQ Matrix because of limited space. However, now at least you don’t miss out on any additional content that was left out of each IQ Matrix.

The MindManager files are fully editable. This means that you can deletemodify or add your own content to the map and grow each specific topic in any way you wish.

You will need to have MindManager installed on your computer to view them. However, you can also open these files using the free opensource Xmind mind mapping software. However, please keep in mind that Xmind will reformat the map when it is first opened. You will therefore need to adjust the formatting and branches accordingly. There may also be other mind mapping software applications that are able to open mmap file formats.

Mind Map Software Below you will find links to mind mapping applications that are able to open .mmap files.

MindManager Videos Videos to help you learn how to use MindManager

Getting Started with MindManager

MindManager for Project Management

MindManager for Meeting Management

MindManager Master Classes 1 and 2

Collaboration Using MindManager

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