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MasterMind Matrix

Below you will find links to the MasterMind Matrix chart. There are 4 version of this chart available for download. Version 4.0 is the latest version of the chart. However, within the preceding versions of the chart several components were reshuffled or removed. For this reason I have left both versions available for download. You will also find a link to the accompanying MasterMind Matrix eBook. This eBook will provide some insights about various segments of Version 2.0 of the chart. Please view the KnowledgeBase website for further information about the various segments of the chart.

100% of MasterMind Matrix has been summarized within the eBook.

Your Downloads Please click on the links below to download the maps to your computer or device.

MasterMind Matrix chart development since 2006

  • MasterMind Matrix 3.0
    MasterMind Matrix 3.0

    Clicking on this link will take you to a Google Drive folder. Within this folder you can download Version 3.0 of the MasterMind Matrix chart. Included is a pdf file as well as various image files with varying resolutions. Image files are ideal for viewing the chart on your computer or tablet, while the pdf file can be used for printing purposes. Also included is a list of all 300+ IQ Matrix maps that have been referenced within the MasterMind Matrix.

  • Glossary of Terms and Concepts
    Glossary of Terms and Concepts

    Includes an explanation of key terms and concepts used within the MasterMind Matrix. Also available through the Knowledge Base website.

  • MasterMind Matrix 4.0
    MasterMind Matrix 4.0

    Here you will find a link to the 4.0 version of the MasterMind Matrix chart. Included are 4 jpeg versions of different resolutions and sizes, and one pdf version. Further information is provided within the MasterMind Matrix folder.

    If you have any suggestions and ideas for Version 5.0 then please get in touch with me: [email protected]

  • MasterMind Matrix 4.0
    MasterMind Matrix 4.0

    You can download the pdf version directly from here. Also available within the Dropbox link above.

eBook Below you will find a link to the MasterMind Matrix eBook.

Bonus Resources Below you will find bonus resources that are part of the Life Coaching bundle.

Understanding the MasterMind Matrix

All IQ Matrix maps are in some way connected to the MasterMind Matrix. You will find a full list of maps associated with each segment of the MasterMind Matrix by reading through the 76 part break down of the chart. Reading through each of these articles will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the chart. With this understanding you will be better able to work through the MasterMind Matrix for your own purposes.

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