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I’ve always been a big proponent of mind mapping software, so-much-so that I use it on a daily basis in a variety of different and valuable ways. In fact, I’ve built an entire website around the concept of mind mapping.  However, when it comes to setting and managing concrete goals and structuring a plan of action to achieve those goals, there is a far better alternative that I simply can’t do without.

Goal Setting is Not Mind Map Friendly

A couple of years ago I consistently set, organized and managed my goals using mind mapping software (specifically MindManager). Initially this seemed like the logical thing to do as mind maps were flexible and allowed me to see a bigger picture overview of the process I needed to take to achieve my goals. However, I soon realized that in the long-term mind maps proved to be very cumbersome when it came down to managing the process of goal achievement.

Please don’t get me wrong, I love mind maps, and I use them in many different ways that help assist me with managing and organizing large amounts of information. However, when it comes to goal setting, well, that’s where I personally struggle with mind maps. Here are the three main reasons why I feel mind mapping software falls short when it comes to goal setting.

1. Mind Maps Complicate Goal Setting

When my goals are simple and small, mind mapping software is actually quite effective and useful for laying out a simple plan of action. However, once I start adding multiple elements and layers to the goal setting process, mind maps begin to get cumbersome, cluttered and not very user-friendly.

2. Mind Maps Don’t Visualize Priorities and Progress Effectively

Even though mind mapping software has a numbering system you can use that will help indicate the priority level of certain items, this method is too simplified and simply not flexible enough. When setting goals I have an expectations that the higher importance I give one item, the lower importance other items should automatically receive. This is very cumbersome to do when you’re using mind mapping software because changing the priority level of one item means you need to manually change the priority level of all other items.

Another lacking feature within mind map software is that they simply don’t visualize the progress you are making towards the achievement of your goals very effectively within the standard mind map view. Having said that, I do want to point out that several mind mapping software programs do now have an integrated Gannt chart view, which makes tracking your time-line and progress far more effective.

3. Isolation of Goals and Activities is Poorly Executed

When you’re managing your tasks and goals it’s important to have the ability to isolate certain activities and segments from others in order to focus in on key elements, while still maintaining the big picture overview of the major goal you are striving to achieve. Some mind mapping software applications don’t have this feature at all, while others only allow you to isolate a branch. This is all well and good, however they are missing a critical element that allows you to see how each branch fits into the larger goal and framework you are working with.

Create Goalscapes Not Mind Maps

The three elements I mentioned above are the main reasons why I don’t use mind maps to set goals, but instead use Goalscapes.

Goalscape is a goal setting software that can also be used to help you manage and organize any information you are learning. I’ve used it for both purposes, but for me personally mind maps are much easier to use when attempting to collate and manage large amounts of information. However, when it comes to goal setting and laying down a plan of action to achieve your goals, than Goalscape is the clear winner.

I won’t go into any detail about the software program and it’s features, as I have created a video overview for you that I hope covers all these areas. However, what I would like to mention is that Goalscape simplifies the process of goal setting and prioritizes activities exceptionally well, while isolating topics and providing you with the "bigger picture" overview of the main goal you are working to achieve.

Please watch the video overview that can be found at the top of this page to see the software in action.

What About Other Goal Setting Programs?

Over the past 5 years I’ve tested and used numerous goal setting applications and programs, and none of them have come close to matching Goalscape’s functionality and feature list. Some of these other applications look great on the surface, however once I started using them, things quickly started to feel stale and uninspiring. However, with Goalscape I haven’t experienced these emotional drawbacks. ;)

Click on the link below to test  Goalscape for yourself and take it for a trial run through your goals without forking out a single dollar.

Download Free TrialBegin setting goals today in a more visual way

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A Visual Thinking Method for Setting Goals

Finally, I have to admit that I also use another method for setting goals that has worked brilliantly for me. It incorporates elements of visual thinking and is not tied down to a software program. I will be revealing this method on the Visual Thinking Magic blog in the not too distant future (it might be on there already).

If you’re interested to learn more about how to solve problems more effectively and creatively using visual thinking principles, or simply want to know how to set goals and plans of action in a new and imaginative way, than please visit the Visual Thinking Magic site for more information.

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