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There are 30+ free self-growth mind maps you can immediately download and print at your own leisure. These maps are the perfect companion to the Pillars of Success mind map and eBook. I hope you find them of value. And by all means please feel free to share them with your family and friends. I would also love to hear your feedback.

I have compiled together a pdf document listing all 250+ IQ Matrix maps you can download to your computer. This pdf document contains a list of all current maps and some maps that are currently in the production line. You will also find links within this document to the IQ Matrix Store and to relevant summaries for each map on the blog.

Here you will find a knowledge base of over 250 self-growth maps. There is a live search feature available within the Knowledge Base. Simply enter a topic you're interested in and wait a few moments for the results to show up on the page. Alternatively you can look through maps using the category feature.

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