How are you coping with life's endless problems?

Learn how to overcome life's toughest problems by becoming an effective thinker...

Consider for a moment all of life's problems that you've had to work through. Now imagine being able to think your way through all of these problems with effortless ease. Solutions come easily when you become an effective thinker.

Before reading on I just wanted to introduce myself…

Adam Sicinski

Hi, my name is Adam.

Before you read on, I think it’s important that I introduced myself. My name is Adam Sicinski. I’m a qualified life coach residing in Australia. I guess in some people’s eyes I’m also somewhat of a “professional” mind mapper; but the jury’s still out as to whether or not mind mapping is an actual profession. :)

I’ve personally created each mind map that is part of the Effective Thinker bundle. Each mind map has been built upon my life coaching work with many clients and upon my personal life experiences. In fact, every map has been meticulously pieced together in the hope that it provides you with the small nuggets of gold you need to help you think more effectively and creatively. There’s no need to read an endless amount of books when a simple reference poster provides you with a quick overview of the key areas that are of utmost importance to help move you in the right direction.

Before you invest in anything I think it’s important you have the necessary support you need. I want to let you know that I’m here to help guide along this journey. I’m just an email away and I will do my very best to provide you with the support you need to work through each self-growth map most effectively.

But before we even get that far you probably want to know what’s included in the Effective Thinker bundle. Well, I guess I won’t stop you. Read on, and I hope to connect with you on the other side.

Our most indispensable life skill

I often ask my coaching clients what is the single most indispensable skill that we could learn that would dramatically transform our lives for the better? Most people mention that networking and building relationships with others is the most important skill for a better life. I certainly won't argue with this answer as this skill is absolutely critical, however do you ever catch yourself asking:

Why is life full of endless problems? Why didn't I see this problem coming? Why am I unable to work through this successfully? Why can't I seem to figure this out? Why do I keep getting myself into these difficulties and why do I struggle to get myself out of these messed up situations?

These are typical questions we tend to ask ourselves on a daily basis that make us feel inadequate and incapable.

Do you tend to struggle under pressure?

When things are going well most of us feel on top of the world. We’re full of confidence and optimism, in fact we feel unstoppable, steadfast and strong. However, these feelings are often short-lived because as unexpected problems arise we begin to question our own abilities, which leads to stress, doubt, overwhelm and pessimism.

Going back to our cave-dwelling days we either had the choice to fight when danger arose, or we would instead choose to run the opposite way. Unfortunately in this day and age we are not naturally hardwired to deal with pressure situations in an effective and efficient way. There are no caber-tooth tigers chasing us through the jungle or woolly mammoths to avoid.

Today the fight-flight response doesn’t work so well in the modern world, and yet this doesn’t seem stop many of us from reacting to unexpected problems and pressure situations as our cave-dwelling ancestors did hundreds of thousands of years ago. As a result, we either respond angrily towards our problems or we feel pity for ourselves and wilt emotionally under the pressure.

We must accept the life is full of problems

Life always has been, always is, and always will be full of problems. In fact problems are the things that stimulate progress, growth and development.

If we dig deep into the historic landscape and into the lives of our ancestors we will discover that every great breakthrough that was ever made was preceded by an unexpected problem. Some of our ancestors wilted under the pressure and took no steps forward, while others stepped-up — using their creative and critical thinking skills to formulate appropriate and sometimes seemingly ingenious solutions that moved society and technology forward in a positive way.

Without these solutions there would be no progress; life would be stagnant and the world as we know it would certainly not be as it is today.

The indispensable skill of high achievers

History has proven time and again that the one skill that separates the highest achievers from the rest is their ability to think critically and creatively under pressure situations. In fact battles have been won, great monuments have been built, and incredible breakthroughs have been made by individuals who were able to think effectively under difficult conditions while facing seemingly insurmountable problems.

What can we learn from these individuals? What did they do specifically that helped them create the world as we know it today?

The key is to become an effective thinker

The most important skill you can learn to master to achieve your life’s goals and objectives isn’t networking or relationships building; it’s not time management, sales or marketing. It’s none of the above because these skills are worthless if you don’t have the capacity to think effectively under pressure situations.

When you become an effective thinker this naturally enhances all the other skills you have in your personal arsenal. However it will certainly take time, commitment, dedication and some ongoing effort to develop this skill to the point where it becomes second nature. This of course won't be easy because there's a lot of information, techniques, and strategies to cover. However, there's certainly no better way to learn this material than to use mind maps as the medium for learning.

The value of using mind maps

These effective thinker strategies, techniques, and guidelines are presented within a mind map format because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Each mind map is built upon a specific topic that explores how to think more effectively. You can use these maps as effective reference tools to help you develop the habits and mindset of an effective thinker. Moreover, many of these mind maps also present you with key questions that you can ask yourself to help guide your thinking during pressure situations.

Here are the key advantages that result from using a mind map as a reference tool on a particular topic area:

  • Provides you with a clear “big picture” overview of the topic.
  • Outlines key subject areas, allowing for an analysis of detailed information.
  • Provides a learning platform that is easy to reference, use and recall.
  • Improves your capacity to remember related chunks of information.
  • Helps unlock hidden understandings within information chunks, encouraging greater insights.
  • Helps improve imagination and the capacity for creative association.
  • Enhances levels of concentration while also stimulating comparison thinking.

Below, Tony Buzan (the inventor of mind maps) discusses the value of using mind maps to help maximize the power of your brain.

Introducing the Effective Thinker mind map bundle

The Effective Thinker bundle pieces together some of the best information, strategies, tools and techniques to help improve your ability to think effectively and efficiently under pressure situations. The 16 premium mind maps (plus bonus maps) that are included within this bundle are designed to help encourage you to think more flexibly about your problems and life circumstances.

360 Degree Thinking

This mind map will help improve your ability to think from a 360 degree view of your problems and circumstances. This mind map breaks down how to develop the habit of using hindsight, foresight and insight to help improve your ability to make decisions and solve problems more effectively. Each branch breaks down a different way of thinking about things.

Creative Genius Mindset

This mind map breaks down the qualities, beliefs, self-talk and actions of creative individuals. Becoming more creative isn't so much about techniques, strategies or tools. It's more about the mindset that we are able to cultivate and bring to every problem that life throws our way. With the right kind of mindset thinking creatively becomes a breeze.

Creative Thinking

This mind map will help you to think more creatively and flexibly about your life’s problems and circumstances. It will help push the boundaries of what's possible while stretching your ability to adapt your thinking to changing conditions and circumstances. The mind map delves into a number of creative thinking techniques, roadblocks to creative thought, and more.

Critical Thinking

This mind map will help you to think more critically and effectively about your life, the knowledge you acquire, and about your circumstances. It will force you to question things like never before and probe for further insights and answers that other people simply fail to recognize. The mind map explores the mindset of a critical thinker, the process, and more.

Curious Nature

This mind map will give you a glimpse into the incredible power of curiosity and the extraordinary impact that it can have on your life. The mind map explores how curiosity is the starting point of every great achievement; breaks down the advantages of cultivating a curious nature; presents you with questions that will spark your curiosity, and much more.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

This mind map explores two types of mindsets and how they tend to interact with the world. The map is based on Mindset: The Psychology of Success written by Carol S. Dweck. Within the book Carol describes two contrasting ways people think about the world, their life, and their circumstances. On the one hand we have the Fixed Mindset, and on the other we have the Growth Mindset. This map breaks down the habitual traits, beliefs, and behaviors of both types of mindsets.

Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Living Mindfully

This mind map will help you to come to understand the true meaning of what it means to live mindfully. Mindfulness is not only about living in the moment. There’s so much more to mindfulness than we see on the surface. In fact, mindfulness is all about personal growth. This mind map explores the benefits of mindfulness; outlines exercises, and more.

Learning from Experience

This mind map will help you take full advantage of the power of self-reflection. You will discover how spending a little time on self-reflection at the end of your day can help you to improve your life in incredible and empowering ways. It will encourage you to think differently about your life experiences and as a result you will make more effective decisions.

Memory Cottage

This mind map is an effective memory pegging tool that will help you remember long lists of items easily. The key to using this tool is to first of all commit the rooms and items within the cottage to memory from 1 to 21. Your next step is to select the things to be remember, then start pegging these things to each item within the cottage in a memorable way.

Number Associations

This mind map is designed as a memory assistance tool to help you remember dates, phone numbers, birthdays and other information quickly and easily. Imagination and association are both critical components of memory. For this very reason this map is built upon number rhyme associations that are designed to help improve your memory and recall.

Optimal Thinking Habits 1

This mind map examines how to avoid common thinking errors using a series of questions and perspective shifts that will immediately get you thinking in more optimal ways. This is the first of a series of two maps that will inspire you to think more effectively about your life and circumstances. This particular map breaks down how to optimize your thinking while making the following mental errors: Mental Filtering, Jumping to Conclusions, Personalization, Black and White Thinking, and while catastrophizing. Going through the map will help you to effectively overcome these thinking errors using a series of questions that will encourage you to think more optimally about yourself, about others, and about your life and circumstances.

Optimal Thinking Habits 1

Optimal Thinking Habits 2

This mind map examines how to avoid common thinking errors using a series of questions and perspective shifts that will immediately get you thinking in more optimal ways. This is the first of a series of two maps that will inspire you to think more effectively about your life and circumstances. This particular map breaks down how to optimize your thinking while making the following mental errors: Overgeneralizing, labeling, shoulding and musting, magnification and minimization, and while emotional reasoning. Going through the map will help you to effectively overcome these thinking errors using a series of questions that will encourage you to think more optimally about yourself, about others, and about your life and circumstances.

Optimal Thinking Habits 2

Problem Solving

This mind map will help improve your ability to overcome any problem more effectively. The information and techniques contained within the mind map are also quite flexible and adaptable. The mind map breaks down the problem solving mindset; delves into the six step problem solving method; and presents you with some problem solving techniques.

PS1: Define Your Problem

This mind map is the first of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. This first map shows you how to define your problem clearly in order to lay down the path for the remainder of the problem solving process. The mind map guides you through the initial stages of the problem solving process.

PS2: Investigate Your Problem

This mind map is the second of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The second map throws you into “research mode”, where you take time to investigate the intricacies of your problem in detail. As you work through this map you will fact-find, gain clarity about the issue, and organize the data.

PS3: Re-Imagine Idea

This mind map is the third of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The third map delves into the brainstorming and creative thinking process that will help you to explore a variety of possible solutions to the problem you are facing. The mind map will help you to think creatively.

PS4: Engineer Plan of Action

This mind map is the fourth of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The fourth map provides you with the necessary guidelines you need to lay down a solid plan of action that will help you to bring your creative ideas into fruition. You will evaluate suitable scenarios and much more.

PS5: Execute and Master

This mind map is the fifth of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The fifth map takes you through the process of executing your plan of action in the real world. While the execution stage is critical to the outcome that you would like to achieve, it’s also important that you learn from...

Reframing Reality

This mind map will help you to effectively transform your perspective about your life and circumstances instantly without hesitation be reframing your reality. The mind map defines what framing and reframing means; presents you with three effective framing techniques; outlines how to frame and reframe your thoughts in advantageous ways.

Reframing Reality

Six Thinking Hats

This mind map will help you to think more effectively, critically and creatively about life’s problems and circumstances using the six thinking hats process originally created by Edward de Bono. Each branch of this mind map explores one of the six thinking hats that approaches the problem under question from a slightly different angle and perspective.

Stimulating Imagination

This mind map will help you to become a more creative and flexible thinker when it comes to solving the problems that life keeps sending your way. Not only will this map help you to generate creative ideas, it will also help free you from the rigid thinking process that most of us tend to indulge in when confronting life’s daily challenges.

Strategic Questions

This mind map will help you to ask better questions throughout the day that focus your mind on solutions, answers and ideas. Therefore instead of focusing and dwelling on problems, you will be able to think more clearly, effectively and efficiently by focusing your mind on asking questions that will naturally expand how you think about your life and circumstances.

Thinking Big

This mind map will help expand your horizons, widen your perspective, and strengthen your desire to obtain those seemingly impossible dreams and objectives. It will encourage you to think big about your life and circumstances and to stretch the boundaries of your imagination. And as you think big you act big, and that in itself can make all the difference.

Thinking Errors

This mind map explores some common thinking flaws that many of us tend to indulge in every single day. These errors in thinking lead to poor choices being made that often lead us down a less than optimal path. This map will help you become aware of these thinking errors, which will subsequently allow you to make conscious changes moving forward.

Thinking Like a Detective

This mind map explores how to solve problems more effectively by thinking like a detective solving a case. Sherlock Holmes is one of the most well-known detectives. Countless books have been written about him, and various movies and TV shows have also explored his life. Yes, he is a fictional character, however his ability to read people and solve crimes was uncanny. This mind map unlocks the secrets of how to think like Sherlock Holmes, however this is of course not about solving a criminal case, you are instead provided with a step-by-step plan for solving a typical life problem.

Thinking Like a Detective

Ultimate Brainstorming

This mind map delves into the process of brainstorming to help solve organization-wide problems. The map specifically breaks down the process of group brainstorming within a workshop environment. Brainstorming is one of those critical activities that is often overlooked and can save a company an ample amount of time, money and resources when solving problems and/or before undertaking new initiatives. Not only does it provide value to the company as a whole, but it is also of great value to each employee who partakes in the brainstorming sessions.

Ultimate Brainstorming

Unhelpful Thinking Styles

This mind map will help you to better understand how your thinking influences your life and perspective of the world and circumstances. Each of these 10 unhelpful thinking styles naturally shifts your understanding of reality. Becoming aware of these tendencies will help you to take control of your thoughts and your life in remarkable ways.

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    I love how the IQ Matrix maps are summarizing wisdom of entire books in such an interesting and easily digestible format. It's amazing how much value you've created. My mind was completely blown by your mastermind-matrix. Besides pure astonishment, I really like how it interconnects everything and puts it into one big picture.

    If you're like me and you know a lot of the content on those mind maps already, you shouldn't underestimate how much they can do for you. The real key about learning is not to have something "heard" once, but instead to remember and apply this wisdom.

    Adam's IQ maps are predestined to remind you of what you already know and urge you to apply it.

    The best thing is, that this format is so beautiful and compelling, that picking them up and working with them feels recreational.
    Matthias Rossa
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    I am like an overwhelmed person who has opened just a little of the door to inexhaustible treasure of wisdom through the ages. At the risk of sounding negative I admit that a doubt has started creeping over me whether and how much of this precious actionable knowledge will I be able to absorb in my remaining lifetime.

    I have started being selective in reading [the maps] and yet find they are interconnected and make a lot of sense. I am simply amazed at your gigantic creative effort and wonder how you would have managed to collect and creatively collate such enormous amount of information with crystal clarity.

    This is nothing short of real magic even if you have a trained and highly motivated team to help you out in this mission.
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    There is really no words to describe how valuable these mind maps are to me. I've been a lifetime member for 3 years now and Adam is one of the best content producers I've ever witnessed. He's reliable, efficient and consistent in his work, which is all the difference in quality. That's what IQ Matrix is: Quality. Whether you need perspective, advice, or even review of life choices and wisdom, these maps guide you through it.

    Again becoming a lifetime member was the best decision I made. Investing in these maps was the right choice from the first sight.
    JJ Hosseini
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    I have been studying and working with leadership development and coaching for some years now. When I discovered Adam's mind maps, I was blown away. It was like discovering a treasure. He manages to put so much information into one map, several books in fact, and in a ingenious ways.

    Of all the resources I have invested in during my journey, this is absolutely the best investment of all, and the maps are so affordable. I print them out, study them and work on them with clients.

    In addition Adam writes great articles on various topics connected to the maps. Adam is all about service all the time. And he is so present to all his customers. I can recommend his resources with all my heart.
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    I’m a student of change and I’ve learned that for your being to be transformed, you need to see… to see something which will change you. I found in Adam’s mind maps a clarity that sometimes eludes me when reading books or articles. The playfulness of his work engages my brain completely. I received the value of my lifetime membership right from the beginning. The past 3 years have been a gift for which I’m continuously grateful.
    Peter Damoc

Bonus Access to Editable MindManager files

I have also included editable MindManager files of maps included within this bundle. What this means is that if you ever want to change or tweak any of my mind maps for total personalization, you can do it in just minutes. Here are a couple of examples of what the MindManager maps look like:

MindManager Example 1

MindManager Example 2

MindManager Example 3

MindManager Example 4

Adam Sicinski

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    The Effective Thinker bundle is for you if you want to achieve your life’s goals and objectives far more easily and effectively; if you desire to learn how to think more creatively and critically about overcoming your life’s problems; if you want to strengthen your ability to generate creative and unique solutions and ideas; if you seek to use your new effective thinking powers for good over evil. 😉

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    Each of these mind maps can be used as an effective reference poster to keep you on track and focused on the right things. Simply print out the mind map you wish to reference and post it on your wall, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, beside your bed, or in your office for easy reference throughout the day. Alternatively you can also place the mind map you want to study on your desktop as a background. Here is a link to the IQ Matrix Beginner’s Guide where you will find more information about how to utilize and work-through each map.

  • q-iconWho should not purchase the Effective Thinker bundle?

    You should not purchase the Effective Thinker bundle if you have no intention applying the powerful techniques and strategies presented within these mind maps. All the content presented within this bundle will work for you if you just take the time to apply it on a daily basis, learn from your mistakes, and adjust your course and actions accordingly. However, you must be committed and willing and able to step outside your comfort zone to become a more effective thinker.

  • q-iconAre these mind maps available as posters or as pdfs?

    The mind maps included within the Effective Thinker bundle are all available as pdf downloads. To view these maps you will need to have Adobe Reader or another pdf viewing software installed on your computer or device. These maps are however available for purchase as physical posters from the IQ Matrix Store.

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