IQ Matrix Customer Experience Survey

By taking the IQ Matrix customer experience survey you will go into the draw to win the MasterMind Matrix.

Take the IQ Matrix Customer Experience survey for a chance to win access to the MasterMind Matrix

By taking the IQ Matrix customer experience survey you will go into the draw to win access to the MasterMind Matrix chart.

Specifically, on the 15th day of each month, one person will gain free access to the MasterMind Matrix bundle, which is currently valued at $100.00 AUD.

Each month a winner will be selected randomly from the pool of respondents chosen based on the feedback they have provided about how they have used IQ Matrix maps in their life. They will then be given access to the MasterMind Matrix bundle.

To enter all you have to do is simply take 2 to 5 minutes of your time to answer the IQ Matrix Customer Experience survey. However, be sure to answer the question where I ask for feedback about how you have used the maps and how they have helped you. Winners will be selected based on the feedback they provide.

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The Next Monthly Draw Date

  • March 15th 2017: MasterMind Matrix bundle$100.00
  • Answer the survey questions and potentially gain free access to the MasterMind Matrix bundle. One survey responded is selected each month.

October: Congratulations to Werner Bosman
November: Congratulations to Balbinder Paneser
December: Congratulations to Asif Amin

January: Congratulations to Renaud Lacroix
February: Congratulations to Manisha Gupta
March: Congratulations to Sam Utais
April: Congratulations to Vitaly G.
May: Congratulations to Rodrigo Ramirez
June: Congratulations to Emily Smitt
July: Congratulations to Mesegana Tsegaye
August: Congratulations to Judi Shearer
September: Congratulations to Bidour Ahmed
October: Congratulations to Ravindra Singh
November: Congratulations to Das Prithvijit
December: Congratulations to Andre

January: Congratulations to Len Hoch
February: Congratulations to Philippe Guillien
March: Congratulations to Dr. Woodrow Miller
April: Congratulations to Bunmi Aina
May: Congratulations to Filomena Serpentina
June: Congratulations to Maisen Mosley
July: Congratulations to Warren Henderson
August: Congratulations to Jose Alvarez
September: Congratulations to Helen Garvinar
October: Congratulations to Carleen Layne
November: Congratulations to Dawid Nel
December: Congratulations to Alain Smithers

January: Congratulations to Robert Stanberry
February: Congratulations to Engy El-Bardissy
March: Congratulations to Charles Mavrovic
April: Congratulations to Maria Teixeira
May: Congratulations to Bunmi Aina
June: Congratulations to Edoardo Lancione
July: Congratulations to Alley Damree
August: Congratulations to Dr. Delane
September: Congratulations to Evelyn Seamore
October: Congratulations to Marilyn Homer
November: Congratulations to Joe Fieldman
December: Congratulations to Helen Georgio

January: Congratulations to William S.
February: Congratulations to Claudia Garcia
March: Congratulations to Anne Burke
April: Congratulations to Marcy Jenkins
May: Congratulations to Harold Carey
June: Congratulations to Rafael de Moura
July: Congratulations to Jon Marks
August: Congratulations to Stanis Muller
September: Congratulations to Mary Santos
October: Congratulations to Alastair Orel
November: Congratulations to Julia Salinger
December: Congratulations to Paul Thomas

January: Congratulations to Justin Henry
February: Congratulations to Duncan Archunan
March: Congratulations to Bethany Springer
April: Congratulations to Helen Maxwell
Congratulations to Vipul Sharma
Congratulations to Stephen Chow
Congratulations to Anne O’Hearn
Congratulations to Cookie Devine
Congratulations to Angie Koh
Congratulations to Hendrik vd Linde
Congratulations to Darren Sharp
Congratulations to Alexander Ladroma

January: Congratulations to Noelle Hollings
Congratulations to Laura Nicoleta
Congratulations to Carol Flynn
Congratulations to Jack Colville
Congratulations to Josephine Clarke
Congratulations to Bridgett *
Congratulations to Jane Joseph
Congratulations to Valerie Humbridge
Congratulations to Alison Adenis
Congratulations to Charlotte Dunning
Congratulations to Max Epping
Congratulations to Priyanka Singh

(*) Full name not provided

January: Congratulations to Jake Walsh
Congratulations to Ana Montoya

How do I enter?

To be in the draw to win, simply visit the customer experience survey page and answer the 15 quick questions. It should only take about 5 to 10 minutes of your time, however, it will be of incredible value for me personally, because it will help me to improve the IQ Matrix experience for you in the future.

Important Note: to be selected you must include your email address within the survey. Otherwise I won’t be able to give you the good news. :)

How it Works: In the past winners were selected randomly, however winners will now be selected based on feedback that each survey respondent provides about how they have used the maps in their own life.

I will list the name of each monthly winner on this page once they have been selected.

I appreciate your ongoing support and for taking the time to answer these questions.

Adam Sicinski

IQ Matrix Lifetime Membership

My pain and illness has made me isolated, depressed and not feeling able to go out and interact with others. My world has become a world of depression and pain. I began using the Living with Gratitude map to take myself out of the negative cycle and to begin to see that I did have things to be grateful for despite the pain I experience. It has been a really positive experience for me.

I also began using Abundant Energy as my pain and depression causes me to feel so depleted of energy. The benefits have been that I decided to look at my diet and make a conscious decision to eat more healthier, exercise and lose some weight as I have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure. I swim once a week now and I recently joined a free self esteem course at a college... I would not have pushed myself to do these things without using these two mind maps.

I want to thank you so much for such amazing resources that have had a profound effect on my entire life. I actually do feel like a new woman now, with a new lease of life, it’s amazing.

- Jasmine

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