Life's Biggest Mistakes

Mistakes, obviously show us what needs improving. Without mistakes, how would we know what we had to work on.

Peter McWilliams

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Biggest Mistakes You Are Making

This short insightful report written by Mark Harrison reveals the eight biggest mistakes that you are making and how to change for the better.

What sets apart the people who thrive and achieve success from people who don’t? Is it luck? Is it talent? It’s actually easier than you think.

Excellence is a set of behaviors which can be copied, and success depends on knowing what these behaviors are. If you are not thriving in your career, financially, or in your personal life, you are almost certainly making some fundamental mistakes in your thinking and behavior.

This report and accompanying IQ Matrix will show you the most important mistakes you are probably making and how to fix them.

About the Author

Mark Harrison writes for a number of personal change websites and is the author of several books. His writing covers a wide range of self-improvement topics, but especially focuses on effective personal change. Mark is a certified NLP coach and hypnotherapist.

I use many of the IQ Matrix maps at work with my team and staff; I have just relocated to New Zealand and have found the following benefits whilst sharing IQ Matrix maps with my team members in my new role: While discussion a matrix all members feel they have made a contribution and are therefore willing to commit themselves to the outcome. Many associations are triggered not only by one’s own ideas but also by the ideas of other people in the group. They in turn are inspired by your ideas and the way you express them to the group.

- Werner Bosman

I have successfully used IQ Matrix maps within the following areas of my life:

Decision making: I have many times come up with ideas I never thought of before, as the map made me more relaxed and I was able to think more radiantly. This in turn made me look at problems from different angles, and not just from a linear two dimensional view. The process evolving from using IQ Matrix maps further enabled me to develop my own personal ideas and help me see what they involve. This allowed me to bring emotion into the equation, I can therefore decide how I feel about the different options. Lastly, I was able to see how different ideas relate to each other, which helped me combine two or more of them in the option I finally select.

Time management: The time management IQ Matrix helps me to make the most of my time by establishing my priorities and allocating my time accordingly. I use this matrix for long and short-term goals, things to do, making an effective dairy, lists etc.

- Werner Bosman

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