Are you a junior player or basketball coach?

Discover the fundamental basketball skills every player must master at a junior level...

Whether you're a junior player or coach it's important to focus on developing the fundamentals of the game — but not necessarily all the fundamentals. Focus instead on the top 20% that will get you 80% of the results you're after.

Before reading on I just wanted to introduce myself…

Adam Sicinski

Coaching on the hardwood

Before you read on, I think it’s important that I introduced myself. My name is Adam Sicinski. I’m a qualified life coach residing in Australia. I guess in some people’s eyes I’m also somewhat of a “professional” mind mapper; but the jury’s still out as to whether or not mind mapping is an actual profession. On the side, I also spend time on another passion: coaching basketball.

I’ve personally created each mind map that is part of the Basketball MVP bundle. Each mind map has been built upon my basketball coaching experience and the incredible coaching mentors I've had around me over the years. In fact, every map has been meticulously pieced together in the hope that it provides you with the small nuggets of gold you need to help you become a better basketball coach or player. There’s no need to read an endless amount of books when a simple reference poster provides you with a quick overview of the key areas that are of utmost importance to help move you focus on the right things.

Before you invest in anything I think it’s important you have the necessary support you need. I want to let you know that I’m here to help guide along this journey. I’m just an email away and I will do my very best to provide you with the support you need to work through each self-growth map most effectively.

But before we even get that far you probably want to know what’s included in the Basketball MVP bundle. Well, I guess I won’t stop you. Read on, and I hope to connect with you on the other side.

You either have the talent or you don't?

Have you ever wondered why some basketball players seem to make everything look so easy and effortless? You try and try, train hard and seemingly work on the right things, but others just keep taking bigger strides and making more progress.

Given all this, maybe you've felt somewhat lacking in confidence in yourself as a basketball player. Or maybe you feel somewhat inadequate and incapable of improving your game at the same rate as your teammates. Or maybe you simply don't feel as though you understand basketball at the same level as others do.

Or just maybe you’re a basketball coach and you feel as though you could be giving more to your team if you only had a little more knowledge about different aspects of the game.

Why do some basketball players struggle?

The game of basketball isn’t always about how much work you put in or how much time you spend training. Instead it’s all about working on the key fundamental areas that will take your game to another level — working on the 20% of things that will get you 80% of the results on the basketball court. However, most players and coaches have it the wrong way around and instead focus on the 80% of skills that only account for 20% of the result.

Isn’t it about time we shifted how we think about coaching basketball and started focusing on fundamental basketball skills that will have the biggest on each individual player and team?

My personal struggles as a basketball coach

When I first started coaching basketball my training sessions were disjointed and lacked specific focus and direction. This reflected in my team’s performance on the basketball court. No matter how hard we worked during training we continued to struggle in games.

I would conduct long and drawn-out training sessions that were focused on areas of the game that were difficult for junior kids to learn and understand. In essence I “jumped the gun” and began focusing on the 80% of skills that most of the kids just weren’t ready to learn. This caused a lot of frustration and disappointment for both players and coaches.

What I failed to realize at the time was that I should have been focusing on ONLY key fundamental areas of the game and not trying to teach kids everything they needed to know about the game.

I was forced to rethink my strategy

Struggling as a basketball coach forced me to rethink my coaching strategy. I approached several basketball mentors and asked them for some guidance and feedback. They all informed me that I needed to redirect my focus and attention and work on ONLY fundamental areas that would significantly improve my team’s results during training sessions and games. They instructed me to focus on nine key fundamental basketball areas that are critical to a basketball player’s development.

These areas included: basketball mindset, shooting skills, dribbling skills, passing skills, defensive skills, offensive skills, rebounding skills, post-play skills and movement tactics.

Each of these areas is quite expansive in itself. However, what I needed to do was to identify the 20% of training skills and drills I needed to teach my players that would get them 80% of their results on the basketball court.

Unlocking the 20 percent formula

Over the course of several years I attended a number of basketball clinics, observed experienced coaches and purchased several basketball training videos. I collated and pieced together all this information and went about the process trying to figure out what these coaches were teaching that had the biggest impact on their players' and team performance.

I eventually pieced the fundamental 20% of things I learned about coaching basketball into a series of mind maps for easy reference for both coaches and players.

This 20% became the fundamental core of the Basketball MVP bundle presented here. It certainly doesn’t reveal everything about the game of basketball, however it does provide you with the key specific skills and frameworks that will have the biggest on the game.

The value of using mind maps

These basketball MVP techniques and guidelines are presented within a mind map format because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Each mind map breaks down how a different set of basketball skills. You can use these maps as effective reference tools to help guide you as a coach or player.

Here are the key advantages that result from using a mind map as a reference tool on a particular topic area:

  • Provides you with a clear “big picture” overview of the topic.
  • Outlines key subject areas, allowing for an analysis of detailed information.
  • Provides a learning platform that is easy to reference, use and recall.
  • Improves your capacity to remember related chunks of information.
  • Helps unlock hidden understandings within information chunks, encouraging greater insights.
  • Helps improve imagination and the capacity for creative association.
  • Enhances levels of concentration while also stimulating comparison thinking.

Below, Tony Buzan (the inventor of mind maps) discusses the value of using mind maps to help maximize the power of your brain.

Introducing the Basketball MVP mind map bundle

The Basketball MVP bundle pieces together some of the best information, strategies, tools and techniques about the game of basketball for junior players. The nine mind maps and 12 bonus manuals that are included within this bundle are designed to help you take your basketball game to another level as a player or coach.

Basketball Defensive Skills

This mind map will help improve your basketball defensive skills. The mind map takes you through the fundamentals of how to play solid one-on-one defense during a basketball game. The mind map breaks down the principles behind a defensive stance; explores the basics of defensive footwork techniques; and provides some additional tops and suggestions.

Basketball Dribbling Skills

This mind map will help you to improve your basketball dribbling skills. The mind map goes through the step-by-step fundamentals you must master to improve your ball-handling skills. It provides several training strategies; presents three different types of in-game dribbling techniques; breaks down in-game dribbling scenarios, and more.

Basketball Mindset

This mind map will help you upgrade your basketball mindset. The mind map will help you to develop a solid and resilient mindset that is necessary to cultivate as a basketball player. It delves into developing a personal and team spirit; presents several mindset strategies for approaching training sessions; provides mental techniques for in-game situations.

Basketball Movement Tactics

This mind map will help improve how you move on the basketball court. The mind map takes you through the fundamental court awareness you must have to move effectively on the basketball court with and without the ball. It explores how to play on the perimeter; delves into different types of screens; and outlines methods for intelligent ball movement.

Basketball Offensive Skills

This mind map will help improve your basketball offensive skills. The mind map takes you through the fundamentals of the offensive game step-by-step. It explores the mechanics of the triple threat position; shows you how to beat defensive pressure situations; outlines how to break down the defense and finish strong at the basket.

Basketball Passing Skills

This mind map will help you to improve your basketball passing skills. The mind map takes you through a variety of different types of passes you can utilize throughout a basketball game. It effectively breaks down passing techniques with one hand, two hands and off the dribble strategies. Each of these passes are used in a variety of conditions during a game.

Basketball Post-Play Skills

This mind map will help improve your basketball post-play skills. The mind map takes you through the fundamental techniques and strategies you can utilize to score and find position in the post. It explores how to get post positioning, how to shoot, how to fake shots, and how to draw fouls. The map also outlines in-game post moves you can utilize.

Basketball Rebounding Skills

This mind map will help improve your basketball rebounding skills. The mind map takes you through the fundamentals of rebounding on the offensive and defensive end of the floor. It also explores how to gain optimal position under the basket for a rebound while playing against a zone defense as well as when playing against a man-to-man.

Basketball Shooting Skills

This mind map will help you to improve your basketball shooting skills. The mind map goes through the fundamental techniques and steps that a player must go through in order to improve their shooting. It explores what to do before taking shot, what to focus on while you're taking your shot, and what to check for after you take your shot.

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12 Bonus Basketball Manuals

If you order today you will receive 12 basketball manuals that break down each of the mind maps. They also provide you insights into coaching the game of basketball and helping your players reach their highest potential. Includes 100+ pages of content that will help you better understand the mind maps as well as how to coach more effectively during training sessions and games.

  • Skills Checklist
  • Training Strategy
  • Game Strategy
  • Shooting Skills
  • Defensive Skills
  • Movement Tactics
  • Ball Handling Skills
  • Passing Skills
  • Rebounding Skills
  • Offensive Skills
  • Post-Play Skills
  • Basketball Mindset

Regular Price = $47.00

The maps look stunning when viewing on an iPad or tablet

Bonus Access to Editable MindManager files

I have also included editable MindManager files of maps included within this bundle. What this means is that if you ever want to change or tweak any of my mind maps for total personalization, you can do it in just minutes. Here are a couple of examples of what the MindManager maps look like:

MindManager Example 1

MindManager Example 2

MindManager Example 3

MindManager Example 4

I’m here to help you.

I hope that I have given you enough information about the Basketball MVP bundle to help you decide whether or not it is right for you. However, you might still of course have some questions on your mind. I’ve therefore listed a few common questions below, but you may also have additional questions you might like me to answer. Therefore please feel free to email me at [email protected]. I’m more than happy to help answer your questions as best I can. Just address them to “Adam” and I’ll do my best to respond to you within 24 hours. I look forward to chatting with you.

  • q-iconWho is the Basketball MVP bundle for?

    The Basketball MVP bundle is for you if you are a beginner or intermediate basketball coach wanting to learn more about the fundamentals of the game; if you’re a basketball coach who wants to incorporate these skill areas into your junior coaching program; if you’re a junior basketball player who wants to take their game to the next level; if you’re simply curious to learn more about the game of basketball.

  • q-iconHow would I go about using each of these maps?

    Each of these mind maps can be used as an effective reference poster to keep you on track and focused on the right things. Simply print out the mind map you wish to reference and post it on your wall, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, beside your bed, or in your office for easy reference throughout the day. Alternatively you can also place the mind map you want to study on your desktop as a background. Here is a link to the IQ Matrix Beginner’s Guide where you will find more information about how to utilize and work-through each map.

  • q-iconWho should not purchase the Basketball MVP bundle?

    You should not purchase the basketball MVP bundle if you are looking for a quick fix. Even though these fundamental skills represent the core elements of basketball, they will however take time to learn and master over a period of months and years.

    Use and incorporate them into your training regime, however understand that in the end your players will only be as good as your instructions and level of discipline.

    If you’re a player looking for an easy way to improve your game, than this bundle isn’t for you. Mastering all these skills takes work, discipline, effort and time.

  • q-iconAre these mind maps available as posters or as pdfs?

    The mind maps included within the Basketball MVP bundle including the 12 bonus basketball manuals are all available as pdf downloads. To view these maps you will need to have Adobe Reader or another pdf viewing software installed on your computer or device. These maps are however available for purchase as physical posters from the IQ Matrix Store.

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