Do you persistently sabotage yourself? Are you struggling to achieve your goals?

Here is the one chart that unlocks the secrets to high levels of achievement...

The MasterMind Matrix

The MasterMind Matrix unlocks a step-by-step process used by high achievers. It effectively helps you figure out why you do what you do and how you can start changing things in order to achieve your desired goals and maximize your potential.

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Before reading on I just wanted to introduce myself…

Adam Sicinski

Hi, my name is Adam.

Before you read on, I think it’s important that I introduced myself. My name is Adam Sicinski. I’m a qualified life coach residing in Australia. I guess in some people’s eyes I’m also somewhat of a “professional” mind mapper; but the jury’s still out as to whether or not mind mapping is an actual profession. :)

Before you invest in anything I think it’s important you have the necessary support you need. I want to let you know that I’m here to help guide along this journey. I’m just an email away and I will do my very best to provide you with the support you need to work through each self-growth map most effectively.

But before we even get that far you probably want to know more about the MasterMind Matrix. Well, I guess I won’t stop you. Read on, and I hope to connect with you on the other side.

The struggles never seem to end...

Life is not always easy, in fact for most people it can be a continuous struggle that never seems to end. Yes, of course you have all these wonderful goals and dreams that you would like to achieve, however often unexpected problems arise and you never seem to make any progress. Life just seems unfair and all your hard work seems in-vain.

During these tough times you start to question yourself, and you begin to question life. You wonder why you constantly sabotage yourself? Why you can't find the motivation to take action? Why you always make mistakes? Why... why... why?

Life does not need to be a struggle and you can most certainly achieve your goals. However, for that to happen you will need to get a better understanding of the psychological forces that are currently influencing your daily choices, decisions, and actions.

The world is conspiring against you...

Have you ever felt as though the world was conspiring against you?

At times it just seems that no matter what you do that there's always a problem hiding around every corner. Life is coming at you from all angles and trajectories with an overwhelming amount of challenges. It's as though life is ensuring that you never accomplish your goals.

This is actually a very common scenario. In fact, most people tend to feel this way—maybe even you feel this way at times… most times?

I read all the self-help books I could find...

For years I read all the self-help books, attended many seminars, listened to more personal development programs than I can count — trying to understand why life was always pushing me under the bus. I mean… I’m working so hard and trying to do the right things. Why do I continue to struggle?

Looking back at myself at the time, I was filled with many insecurities, fears, broken dreams and the like. I wanted life to get better, and I felt that I needed to fill that void by collecting as much information about my PROBLEMS as possible. In short I was looking for answers. However, I was nothing more than an "Information Collector".

Taking action on what I was learning was just not part of my psychology. I just wanted to collect, organize and gain as much knowledge about everything that pertained to the psychology of success as was humanly possible; so that one day I could achieve my goals. I figured that if I knew everything that there was to know, that I would eventually one day act on that knowledge.

I would religiously take notes about everything I learned and came across. I kept a diary about my daily interactions with others. I even studied television shows and took notes about the psychology of people and how they interacted with the world around them. Reality television shows and documentaries brought forth some of the greatest insights. They allowed me to see people in a “real world” environment, dealing with the challenges and pitfalls that life threw their way.

I also applied the same observations in the real world while interacting with other people. However, as you can imagine it was a little more difficult to take notes while conversing with another person. I couldn’t politely, in the middle of a conversation press the PAUSE button and say; “Could you just hold on a second? I want to note down your facial expression...”

My journey towards life coaching...

Around this time I decided to become a Life Coach. My studies at the Life Coaching Institute of Australia gave me practical experience and confidence to begin applying what I was learning, and putting that knowledge into action for the first time in my life.

The development of the MasterMind Matrix began as I was undertaking my studies at the Life Coaching Institute. What I learned at the Institute was extraordinary, however there were so many gaps within this knowledge-base (and within all the information I had collected up to that point) that I was often left feeling frustrated trying to figure out how all the pieces of our psychological puzzle fit together. What I was looking for was a diagram of some kind that would piece everything together in a structured way.

Developing the MasterMind Matrix

One night in 2006, I was sitting on my computer at home, and decided to try my luck creating a simple diagram that pieced a few key components of this information together. The original chart was composed of only 30 to 40 pieces (the bottom image shows version 1.5), however it presented me with a starting point and gave me something to work from.

An early version of the MasterMind Matrix created in 2006. Click image for larger view.

I would spend the next 12 months (mainly evenings, nights and the very early hours of the morning) plowing through my notes and piecing the MasterMind Matrix together step-by-step. I had all these questions I needed answered about the psychology of being human, and so much more.

As I continued to expand the MasterMind Matrix, I came to the realization that many pieces were still missing. I therefore undertook further research, read more books, listened to just about every self-help program I could get my hands on to ensure that no stone would remain un-turned.

I instinctively believed that the information these self-help Gurus were sharing with me could be compressed into an easy to understand format that would effectively lay down the building blocks for high levels of achievement in any field of endeavor.

By early 2007 the MasterMind Matrix had grown out of control and became a dominating part of my bedroom wall — presented in A4 sized chunks that were stuck together with tape.

I posted the MasterMind Matrix right on the wall beside my bed so that it would always be at the forefront of my mind as I went to sleep at night and then woke up the very next morning. The chart was still rather rough around the edges, however the main pieces were certainly in place.

Over a period of two years — moving into 2009 — I updated the chart with new snippets of information from books, NLP courses, personal experience and through working with life coaching clients. Every piece of new knowledge I acquired seemed to fit seamlessly into the chart.

In 2008 I launched the IQ Matrix blog, which is essentially built upon 300+ self-growth mind maps that are directly connected to specific segments of the MasterMind Matrix. The purpose of each mind map is to expand areas of the MasterMind Matrix in greater depth and detail, thereby providing a comprehensive overview of what it takes to achieve success in any field of endeavor.

The current version 3.0 of the MasterMind Matrix chart last updated in December 2015

I often look back at the MasterMind Matrix and wonder how it all came together. The answer I get is: one very small piece at a time. Could this short statement hold the greatest secret to a lifetime of achievement? You be the judge.

Video Preview of Version 3.0 of the Chart

Video Overview of Version 2.0 of the Chart

When you purchase the MasterMind Matrix bundle you will receive access to Version 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 of the chart. Each version is somewhat different as some sections are changed or removed altogether, while other topics are added to the chart in subsequent versions. Therefore there is tremendous value having access to all three versions of the chart.

Breaking Down the MasterMind Matrix Chart

The MasterMind Matrix pieces together some of the most valuable strategies, tools and techniques about the psychology of achievement. The chart is designed to provide you with the knowledge you need to become a high achiever. In fact, all those self-help books you’ve been reading for years will now start to make perfect sense the moment you come to understand the "big picture".

The MasterMind Matrix is a map about the unconscious, conscious and semiconscious patterns of behavior that we indulge in every single waking and sleeping moment. Whether you want to improve your academic performance; desire to climb the career ladder; or seek to attain your most sought after goals; this chart will help guide you in the right direction.

In its purest form, the MasterMind Matrix is essentially nothing more than a process of how we condition ourselves and how we are conditioned by our environment and others throughout life. Adjust any one of the major "conditioning" forces along the MasterMind Matrix and you begin to positively transform your life in incredible ways.

The MasterMind Matrix is an ideal self-coaching reference tool for any physical or psychological problem you might face along your journey towards your goals. It also makes for a great life coaching reference tool for professional coaches working with clients.

Here is a list of some of the key areas that are explored within the MasterMind Matrix:

  • The impact of peer groups, society, media and other influential forces on your psychology.
  • How your thoughts are influenced and influence other areas of your life.
  • How your perceptions are influenced by your psychology and outside forces.
  • Enhancing your imagination through creative thinking processes.
  • The impact of the six human needs on your psychology.
  • How you form references, opinions and self-defeating beliefs.
  • The development of your self-concept as it relates to other aspects of your psychology.
  • How to model the psychological patterns of successful people.
  • Meta-program elicitation and formation.
  • How your values influence other psychological factors to form your understanding of reality.
  • How your beliefs influence every decision you make and action you take.
  • Mastering the psychological rules that impact your daily decisions and actions.
  • How your unconscious thoughts, beliefs, values and psychological rules shape your personality.
  • The importance of mastering your physiology and how this influences your psychology.
  • How to adjust your mental state and transform your emotions in a positive way.
  • Improving your levels of emotional intelligence by following simple guidelines.
  • Turning a poor attitude into an empowering attitude to propel you forward towards the attainment of your goals.
  • Transforming your language to improve your emotional life.
  • Asking the right questions that will lead to better and more effective decisions.
  • How to enhance your levels of intuition to improve the decision-making process.
  • Making choices and decisions the smart way to enhance your results.
  • An analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Clarification of your personal legend, purpose, life’s mission and vision.
  • A step-by-step process for effective goal-setting.
  • How to use the principles of pain and pleasure to drive you forward towards your goals.
  • How to lay down an effective plan of actions for goal achievement.
  • Mastering your time using a variety of time management strategies.
  • Incorporating visualizations and affirmations to enhance the progress you make towards your goals.
  • Utilizing appropriate motivation techniques to boost your levels of productivity.
  • Fears and phobias and how to overcome them.
  • Managing stress and anxiety more effectively.
  • The importance of becoming a lifelong learner in this day and age.
  • How to expand your comfort zone and take more risks in life.
  • Listing the essential qualities of success required to help you achieve your goals.
  • Analysis of critical thinking skills, creative thinking skills and problem solving strategies.
  • How to more readily spot opportunities that can help you achieve your goals.
  • The fabrics of the conscious thinking brain and how it connects to everything within the MasterMind Matrix.
  • The intricacies of the unconscious mind and how it connects to everything within the MasterMind Matrix.
  • Sleep and energy enhancement strategies to live with more vitality.
  • Incorporating accelerated learning principles in all areas of your life.
  • How to improve your memory.
  • How your relationships with others influence your current reality and perceptions.
  • The MasterMind Matrix also pieces together many life skill areas including leadership, networking, negotiation, public speaking, persuasion, rapport creation and wealth management strategies, and much more.

This list only provides a quick overview of some of the segments within the MasterMind Matrix. There’s a lot more depth to the MasterMind Matrix than what is at first visible on the surface. To view more in-depth visuals of the various segments, please click on the images below.

Regular Price = $47.00

Receive Access to the MasterMind Matrix eBook

As an additional bonus you will receive access to the MasterMind Matrix eBook, which will take you step-by-step through segments of the MasterMind Matrix. The eBook also lists over 700 additional resources, articles, books and videos that will help expand your understanding of the chart.

This eBook is the perfect companion to the MasterMind Matrix and will provide you with insights you may not have acquired using the chart in isolation. The eBook is not officially for sale and is only available to IQ Matrix email list subscribers. However, in the future I plan to expand this eBook and sell it for $27.00.

Regular Price = $27.00

Receive an additional 15 bonus mind maps

When you purchase the MasterMind Matrix you will also receive access to an additional 15 foundational mind maps that expand key segments of the chart. These mind maps will provide you with the background information you need to gain a comprehensive understanding of the chart.

Attitude Transformation

This mind map will introduce you to effective tools, techniques and strategies that will help you develop a positive mental attitude. The mind map introduces the thought process and the impact it has on our lives; breaks down two fundamental laws that are critical to the formation of a PMA; presents several effective strategies for eliminating pessimism.

Belief Transformation

This mind map will introduce you to effective tools, techniques and strategies that will help you to transform your limiting beliefs in positive ways. The mind map delves into how our beliefs influence our lives; discusses three different types of beliefs; lays down a simple questioning process that will help you identify your limiting beliefs, and much more.

Brain Power

This mind map provides a definitive guide to the human brain and the power of our thoughts to change our habits, circumstances and the conditions of our lives. The mind map delves into the make-up of the human brain; identifies the impact of the inner mind; defines what thoughts are and the impact they have on our lives; explores neurons and more.

Framing and Reframing

This mind map will help you to effectively transform your perspective about your life and circumstances instantly without hesitation be reframing your reality. The mind map defines what framing and reframing means; presents you with three effective framing techniques; outlines how to frame and reframe your thoughts in advantageous ways.

Habit Transformation

This mind map will help you to break free of the limiting habits that are currently sabotaging your thoughts, decisions and actions. The mind map discusses the power of neural associations and the impact they have on your life; delves into the world of psychological anchors; presents several strategies that will help you to eliminate unhelpful habits.

Manifestation Process

This mind map will help you to develop the mindset that is required to attract what you want most into your life. The mind map delves into the foundational principles of manifestation; provides several guidelines for manifesting what you want most into your life; explains how the process of manifestation works; explores nine universal laws of manifestation.


This mind map will help to get a better understanding of meta-programs and their impact on your psychology. Meta-programs are unconscious habitual directives coming from your brain that influence patterns of behavior and determine your daily decisions and actions. They effectively delete and distort your experience of reality.

Pain and Pleasure Principle

This mind map presents the two primary motivating forces behind all of our choices, decisions and actions. The pain and pleasure principle dictates how we feel on a daily basis. In fact this principle carves out our destiny at an unconscious level of awareness. This mind map explores the eight step process to help you use this principle to your advantage.

Perceptual Influence

This mind map will help you to overcome limiting factors the influence your daily decisions and actions. The mind map presents a list of different types of influencers that shape our lives; discusses the impact of peer group pressure; delves into the criteria for effective peer group selection; breaks down how to overcome the influential forces running your life.

Psychological Modeling

This mind map takes you through a step-by-step process showing you exactly what you need to do in order to model and cultivate the qualities, characteristics and beliefs of the most successful people in the world. The mind map presents you with thought-provoking questions that will help you model the internal, external and social aspects of successful peoples’ lives.

Psychological Rules

This mind map will help you to get a better understanding of how unconscious psychological rules are governing your life and influencing your daily decisions, behaviors and actions. The mind map discusses the purpose and evolution of psychological rules; breaks down process to help you identify unhelpful rules; provides guidelines for developing empowering rules.

Self-Concept Transformation

This mind map will help you to become more self-aware of your psychology, while at the same time raising your confidence and self-esteem. The mind map explores the makeup of a self-concept; discusses the impact that a self-concept has on our lives; presents the deadly symptoms of a low self-concept; outlines several self-concept transformation strategies.

Six Human Needs

This mind map breaks down six of the most important and fundamental building blocks that shape and mold our personalities each and every day of our lives. The mind map analyzes the intricacies of the four classes of behavior; breaks down the purpose and the behaviors associated with the six human needs; shows how to positively transform your behavior.

Spiritual Consciousness

This mind map helps explain the interconnection between the mind, body and spirit, and outlines how these three parts work together to attract what we want most into our lives. The mind map discusses the role of spiritual karma; delves into the powerful impact that our emotions have on our lives; breaks down the seven bodies of spiritual consciousness.

Value Transformation

This mind map will introduce you to effective tools, techniques and strategies that will help you to better align your hierarchy of values to help meet your goals and objectives. The mind map discusses the different types of values; presents you with questions to help you explore your values; breaks down ways to align your values to your goals and objectives.

Combined Individual Price = $105.00

Receive access to the Effective Thinker bundle

The Effective Thinker bundle pieces together some of the best information, strategies, tools and techniques to help improve your ability to think effectively and efficiently under pressure situations. The 16 premium mind maps (plus bonus maps) that are included within this bundle are designed to help encourage you to think more flexibly about your problems and life circumstances.

360 Degree Thinking

This mind map will help improve your ability to think from a 360 degree view of your problems and circumstances. This mind map breaks down how to develop the habit of using hindsight, foresight and insight to help improve your ability to make decisions and solve problems more effectively. Each branch breaks down a different way of thinking about things.

Creative Genius Mindset

This mind map breaks down the qualities, beliefs, self-talk and actions of creative individuals. Becoming more creative isn't so much about techniques, strategies or tools. It's more about the mindset that we are able to cultivate and bring to every problem that life throws our way. With the right kind of mindset thinking creatively becomes a breeze.

Creative Thinking

This mind map will help you to think more creatively and flexibly about your life’s problems and circumstances. It will help push the boundaries of what's possible while stretching your ability to adapt your thinking to changing conditions and circumstances. The mind map delves into a number of creative thinking techniques, roadblocks to creative thought, and more.

Critical Thinking

This mind map will help you to think more critically and effectively about your life, the knowledge you acquire, and about your circumstances. It will force you to question things like never before and probe for further insights and answers that other people simply fail to recognize. The mind map explores the mindset of a critical thinker, the process, and more.

Curious Nature

This mind map will give you a glimpse into the incredible power of curiosity and the extraordinary impact that it can have on your life. The mind map explores how curiosity is the starting point of every great achievement; breaks down the advantages of cultivating a curious nature; presents you with questions that will spark your curiosity, and much more.

Living Mindfully

This mind map will help you to come to understand the true meaning of what it means to live mindfully. Mindfulness is not only about living in the moment. There’s so much more to mindfulness than we see on the surface. In fact, mindfulness is all about personal growth. This mind map explores the benefits of mindfulness; outlines exercises, and more.

Learning from Experience

This mind map will help you take full advantage of the power of self-reflection. You will discover how spending a little time on self-reflection at the end of your day can help you to improve your life in incredible and empowering ways. It will encourage you to think differently about your life experiences and as a result you will make more effective decisions.

Memory Cottage

This mind map is an effective memory pegging tool that will help you remember long lists of items easily. The key to using this tool is to first of all commit the rooms and items within the cottage to memory from 1 to 21. Your next step is to select the things to be remember, then start pegging these things to each item within the cottage in a memorable way.

Number Associations

This mind map is designed as a memory assistance tool to help you remember dates, phone numbers, birthdays and other information quickly and easily. Imagination and association are both critical components of memory. For this very reason this map is built upon number rhyme associations that are designed to help improve your memory and recall.

Problem Solving

This mind map will help improve your ability to overcome any problem more effectively. The information and techniques contained within the mind map are also quite flexible and adaptable. The mind map breaks down the problem solving mindset; delves into the six step problem solving method; and presents you with some problem solving techniques.

PS1: Define Your Problem

This mind map is the first of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. This first map shows you how to define your problem clearly in order to lay down the path for the remainder of the problem solving process. The mind map guides you through the initial stages of the problem solving process.

PS2: Investigate Your Problem

This mind map is the second of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The second map throws you into “research mode”, where you take time to investigate the intricacies of your problem in detail. As you work through this map you will fact-find, gain clarity about the issue, and organize the data.

PS3: Re-Imagine Idea

This mind map is the third of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The third map delves into the brainstorming and creative thinking process that will help you to explore a variety of possible solutions to the problem you are facing. The mind map will help you to think creatively.

PS4: Engineer Plan of Action

This mind map is the fourth of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The fourth map provides you with the necessary guidelines you need to lay down a solid plan of action that will help you to bring your creative ideas into fruition. You will evaluate suitable scenarios and much more.

PS5: Execute and Master

This mind map is the fifth of a series of five comprehensive maps that delve into the intricacies of solving life’s most difficult problems. The fifth map takes you through the process of executing your plan of action in the real world. While the execution stage is critical to the outcome that you would like to achieve, it’s also important that you learn from your experience in order to lay down the foundations for your next problem solving challenge.

Six Thinking Hats

This mind map will help you to think more effectively, critically and creatively about life’s problems and circumstances using the six thinking hats process originally created by Edward de Bono. Each branch of this mind map explores one of the six thinking hats that approaches the problem under question from a slightly different angle and perspective.

Stimulating Imagination

This mind map will help you to become a more creative and flexible thinker when it comes to solving the problems that life keeps sending your way. Not only will this map help you to generate creative ideas, it will also help free you from the rigid thinking process that most of us tend to indulge in when confronting life’s daily challenges.

Strategic Questions

This mind map will help you to ask better questions throughout the day that focus your mind on solutions, answers and ideas. Therefore instead of focusing and dwelling on problems, you will be able to think more clearly, effectively and efficiently by focusing your mind on asking questions that will naturally expand how you think about your life and circumstances.

Thinking Big

This mind map will help expand your horizons, widen your perspective, and strengthen your desire to obtain those seemingly impossible dreams and objectives. It will encourage you to think big about your life and circumstances and to stretch the boundaries of your imagination. And as you think big you act big, and that in itself can make all the difference.

Unhelpful Thinking Styles

This mind map will help you to better understand how your thinking influences your life and perspective of the world and circumstances. Each of these 10 unhelpful thinking styles naturally shifts your understanding of reality. Becoming aware of these tendencies will help you to take control of your thoughts and your life in remarkable ways.

Bundle Price = $37.00

The maps look stunning when viewing on an iPad or tablet

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Adam Sicinski

I’m here to help you.

I hope that I have given you enough information about the MasterMind Matrix bundle to help you decide whether or not it is right for you. However, you might still of course have some questions on your mind. I’ve therefore listed a few common questions below, but you may also have additional questions you might like me to answer. Therefore please feel free to email me at I’m more than happy to help answer your questions as best I can. Just address them to “Adam” and I’ll do my best to respond to you within 24 hours. I look forward to chatting with you.

  • q-iconWho is the MasterMind Matrix for?

    The MasterMind Matrix is for you if you’ve read all the self-help books and still don’t quite understand how all the pieces fit together; if you want to discover why you do the things you do and how this influences your results in life; if you are seeking answers to help clarify the path to your goals; if you are struggling and want to use this chart as a reference tool to help you gain deeper insights into the relationship between your actions and results; if you’re a student of success or psychology and want to find out what separates the highest achievers from everyone else.

  • q-iconHow would I go about using each of these maps?

    Each of these mind maps can be used as an effective reference poster to keep you on track and focused on the right things. Simply print out the mind map you wish to reference and post it on your wall, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, beside your bed, or in your office for easy reference throughout the day. Alternatively you can also place the mind map you want to study on your desktop as a background. Here is a link to the IQ Matrix Beginner’s Guide where you will find more information about how to utilize and work-through each map.

  • q-iconWho should not purchase the MasterMind Matrix?

    Achieving high levels of success in any field of endeavor takes time and effort. The MasterMind Matrix is an all-encompassing chart that will lay down a clear path that you can follow to help you succeed on just about any journey. However, it will not do the work for you.

    Taking action towards your goals and implementing everything outlined within the MasterMind Matrix is up to you. Therefore if you’re looking for something that will immediately fix your problems, than the MasterMind Matrix isn’t for you.

    If on the other hand you are looking for something that will provide you with a clear framework to help you overcome those pesky problems and achieve your goals and objectives, than the MasterMind Matrix may be exactly what you’ve been searching for all this time.

  • q-iconAre these mind maps available as posters or as pdfs?

    The mind maps included with the MasterMind Matrix chart are all available as pdf downloads. To view these maps you will need to have Adobe Reader or another pdf viewing software installed on your computer or device. These maps are however available for purchase as physical posters from the IQ Matrix Store.

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