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Focus on the Right Things

When it comes to climbing the career ladder, earning that pay rise, or gaining that promotion, it all comes down to what you focus on. Focusing on making optimal decisions and taking the right actions at the right time makes all the difference.

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Before reading on I just wanted to introduce myself…

Adam Sicinski

Hi, my name is Adam.

Before you read on, I think it’s important that I introduced myself. My name is Adam Sicinski. I’m a qualified life coach residing in Australia. I guess in some people’s eyes I’m also somewhat of a “professional” mind mapper; but the jury’s still out as to whether or not mind mapping is an actual profession. :)

I’ve personally created each mind map that is part of the Career Success bundle. Each mind map has been built upon my life coaching work with clients and upon my personal research and experience. In fact, every map has been meticulously pieced together in the hope that it provides you with the small nuggets of gold you need to help give you the edge you need to climb the career ladder. There’s no need to read an endless amount of books when a simple reference poster provides you with a quick overview of the key areas that are of utmost importance to help move you in the right direction.

Before you invest in anything I think it’s important you have the necessary support you need. I want to let you know that I’m here to help guide along this journey. I’m just an email away and I will do my very best to provide you with the support you need to work through each self-growth map most effectively.

But before we even get that far you probably want to know what’s included in the Career Success bundle. Well, I guess I won’t stop you. Read on, and I hope to connect with you on the other side.

Why you will never get a promotion…

It’s interesting to note that no matter how hard some people work and no matter how much loyalty they show their employer over many years, that this does not guarantee a significant pay rise or promotion?

Many people are hoping for a pay rise, and keeping their fingers crossed that they will get that promotion, however for many people these dreams never seem to materialize. What these people probably don’t realize is that they are going about things the wrong way; and as a result they will continue to struggle while failing time and again to make their way up the career ladder.

Are you one of these people? Do you feel somewhat under-appreciated or under-valued as an employee? Do you feel as though you’re employer just doesn’t take you seriously or doesn’t see the effort you are putting in to your work? Or maybe you feel somewhat overworked, stressed and simply struggling to make a name for yourself within your company? Does this sound like the story of your life?

Value isn’t measured by time but by FOCUS!

Many people who work for someone else incorrectly assume that the longer they stay with an organization the more valuable they will become to the company and therefore the more likely they are to be promoted and given that much needed pay rise. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are a plentiful of examples of people who have been with an organization for many years and have barely scratched the surface of a promotion. In fact, you probably know many of these people, maybe even intimately.

The main reason why people fail to make their way up the career ladder comes down to how they focus their mind on themselves within the workplace. People simply tend to focus on the wrong things in the wrong way. They fail to build enough value within themselves to deserve to win that promotion.

Life just doesn’t seem fair!

Most of my adult life I’ve either worked for myself or with a business partner. I therefore don’t have first-hand experience working for a large corporation. However, over this time I have spoken to numerous people through my life coaching work about their careers and the companies they worked for. These are normal ordinary individuals who are seeking to get more out of life.

One theme that has cropped up time and again during these coaching sessions is that “life just doesn’t seem fair”.

My clients would often tell me stories about their struggles at work. It would seem as though they were doing all the right things, but for one reason or another they would always fail to win that promotion, while others who had apparently been working there for only a brief period of time would get promoted ahead of them. Why in the world was this happening? Life just didn’t seem fair…

Your focus determines your results…

Talking with my coaching clients I soon realized that they were simply focusing and prioritizing their work responsibilities and activities in a less than optimal way; which worked against them in the long-run.

Instead of focusing on enhancing their personal value, skills and level of effectiveness and efficiency, they were instead focused on going about things in the same way day-to-day with little deviation from the norm. In other words, they were doing what was necessary and required, but doing little else that would help separate them from the crowd.

They didn’t take risks, lacked creative initiative, and failed to apply themselves to take the necessary steps to enhance their value within the organization. To put it simply, they didn’t make any effort to stand-out from the crowd and increase their personal value.

Become the CEO of your own company

Even though you’re working for someone else, you must manage your professional life as though you’re the CEO of your own company. This shift in perspective will change how you approach your work, responsibilities and the challenges that are thrown your way.

A CEO paints the bigger picture for the company moving forward. They fully understand that for this vision to come to fruition that the company must have the necessary resources, tools, business relationships and skills in place to make this vision a reality. They realize that everything they do is paramount and critical to the long-term success of their vision, and as a result they are very specific and remain focused on the most important areas that add the greatest value to the company’s long-term vision.

The series of mind maps that you will find below will show you the steps you must take that will help you win that promotion and climb the career ladder. They will help you focus on the right things, in the right way, at the right time. Furthermore, they will show you how to grow your value — you simply need to develop the right skills, acquire the necessary resources, utilize the most appropriate tools, and take the creative initiative to grow your career with purpose.

The value of using mind maps

These career success strategies, techniques, and guidelines are presented within a mind map format because of its simplicity and ease of use.

Each mind map is built upon a specific topic that explores how to advance your career and add more value to your company. You can use these maps as effective reference tools to help you develop the habits and mindset required to climb the career ladder. Moreover, many of these mind maps also present you with key questions that you can ask yourself to help guide your thinking while making key career decisions.

Here are the key advantages that result from using a mind map as a reference tool on a particular topic area:

  • Provides you with a clear “big picture” overview of the topic.
  • Outlines key subject areas, allowing for an analysis of detailed information.
  • Provides a learning platform that is easy to reference, use and recall.
  • Improves your capacity to remember related chunks of information.
  • Helps unlock hidden understandings within information chunks, encouraging greater insights.
  • Helps improve imagination and the capacity for creative association.
  • Enhances levels of concentration while also stimulating comparison thinking.

Below, Tony Buzan (the inventor of mind maps) discusses the value of using mind maps to help maximize the power of your brain.

Introducing the Career Success mind map bundle

The Career Success bundle pieces together some of the best information, strategies, tools and techniques that will help you to enhance your value to your organization. The 22 mind maps that are included within this bundle are designed to help you master fundamental techniques and strategies that will provide you with the key advantages you need to climb the career ladder.

Balance Career Success

This mind map will help you to focus on key areas that will naturally bring more balance into your life while climbing the career ladder. The mind map discusses the importance of defining what success means to you; guides you through managing the process of career success; outlines the importance of regular reviews, and much more.

Balance Career Change

This mind map will help you free up more time for yourself and balance your career and life by working smarter not harder. The mind map provides suggestions on how to adapt your work routines to fit your lifestyle; shows you how to work smarter; lists numerous obstacles that you might face; and explores how to maintain a work-life balance long-term.

Career Success

This mind map will guide you through career setbacks, will enhance your prospects, and will help you make more effective decisions when choosing a new direction for your career. The mind map outlines how to handle career challenges; discusses how to enhance your value to your organization; and guides you through making positive career changes.

Creating Momentum

This mind map will help you to build an incredible amount of momentum that will carry you forward towards the attainment of your career goals and objectives. The mind map guides you through the process of reassessing your goals; provides you suggestions on how to find a mentor and how to build partnerships; explores how to take initiative, and more.

Critical Career Skills

This mind map will help you develop key critical skills for success in any field of endeavor. The mind map breaks down specifically the fundamental skills you need to reach the heights in your business or professional career. It explores the skills of effective thinking, improving memory, accelerated reading, improving writing and speaking.

Exploring Career Path

This mind map will help you explore your career in ways that will encourage you to make better decisions about your future. The mind map outlines the questions you should ask yourself to manage your future career path most effectively; identifies the importance of reviewing, planning and scheduling; and discusses the benefits of lifelong learning.

Extraordinary Leadership

This mind map will help you to develop your skills as an extraordinary and inspiring leader. The mind map will help you apply the fundamental habits that are absolutely indispensable to leadership. It explores how to cultivate a leadership mindset; the kinds of skills that leaders must develop; how leaders deal with challenges; and leadership mistakes.

Getting Organized

This mind map will help you to raise your levels of productivity while boosting your effectiveness throughout the day using simple suggestions that will help you to better organize your environment and life. The mind map breaks down a six step process for getting organized while also providing you with a variety of guidelines for organizing your life.

Improving Productivity

This mind map provides you with effective tips and guidelines that will help you to improve your effectiveness and efficiency throughout the day. The mind map presents you with numerous productivity tips and shortcuts that will help you to get more done in less time. It also identifies some common barriers to productivity that you might face.

Mapping Career Path

This mind map will help you to gain clarity about your career and future career path. The mind map will help you to assess where you’ve been, where you are, and the direction you’d like to move in the future. As you work through this map you will gain more clarity and certainty about your career direction, which will help strengthen your career choices.

Maximizing Effectiveness

This mind map will help you to maximize your output at work, enabling you to become more productive and far more effective throughout the day. The mind map explores how to boost your creativity, how to manage your time more effectively, how to enhance productivity, how to prioritize your tasks, how to reduce stress, and how to assess your progress.

Maximizing Potential

This mind map will help you to identify key areas that will enable you to get the most from your natural talents and abilities at work and in life. The mind map guides you through an assessment of your current abilities and performance; explores the three fundamental keys of personal achievement; delves into additional strategies for maximizing your potential.

Negotiation Tactics

This mind map will help you become a more strategic professional negotiator. It will allow you to gain an advantage in the professional world when negotiating deals, partnerships, prices and contracts. Becoming a better negotiator will strengthen your career prospects. The mind map specifically explores what to do before and during a negotiation session.

Networking Skills

This mind map will provides you with the necessary tools, techniques and strategies that will assist you to connect with others at a deeper and more rewarding level for mutual benefit. The mind map explores the mindset of a professional networker; how to build and grow a network; how to network during business functions; how to track your professional network.

Personal Influence

This mind map will help you to develop into a person of influence within your organization or industry. The mind map provides you with essential rapport creation and communication techniques that will help you gain great respect and influence in the public arena. Personal influence is built upon the fundamentals of communication and listening skills.

Psychology of Persuasion

This mind map will help you to develop the critical skills of persuasion and incorporate them into your professional life. The mind map will help you gain a deep understanding into the simple yet profound persuasion tactics you can utilize to sway others to your way of thinking. The mind map explores the mindset of persuasion, human motivators and more.

Public Speaking Skills

This mind map will help you to develop the skills necessary to become a more effective and proficient public speaker. The mind map presents you with general public speaking tips; explores what to do before you take the stage, then also what to do while you’re on stage and presenting. The map also breaks down how to adapt to the four different audience types.

Six Pillars of Work-Life Balance

This mind map will help you to balance work and life far more effectively. The mind map outlines the six areas of our life that we need to balance in order to achieve long-term fulfillment. These areas include work, leisure, family, self-improvement, relationships, and children. The map also explores how to manage your emotions and develop a plan of action.

The Productivity Process

This mind map outlines a step-by-step process that will help you to dramatically boost your levels of productivity throughout the day. The mind map breaks down the productivity mindset; highlights the skills that you must develop to boost productivity; outlines the six step productivity process that will help you to maximize your output throughout the day.

Time Management

This mind map will help you to manage your time more effectively throughout the day. The mind map unlocks the step-by-step process of effective time management; delves into several time management tactics; shows you how to gain more time throughout the day; explores the time efficiency mindset; pinpoints common time wasters to avoid.

Unlocking Personality

This mind map will help you to understand people and their behavior at a deeper level. The mind map delves into the fundamental signals of human psychology; breaks down the four personality types — including tactics on how to influence each of these types of people; introduces the concept of communication types; presents key psychological deception tactics.

Working Smarter

This mind map will help you to get out of the habit of just being busy, and instead build the habit of working on the most important things that will help you accomplish your goals and objectives. This mind map has been designed to help you re-prioritize how you think and how you work on a day-to-day basis. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re making progress…

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I’m here to help you.

I hope that I have given you enough information about the Career Success bundle to help you decide whether or not it is right for you. However, you might still of course have some questions on your mind. I’ve therefore listed a few common questions below, but you may also have additional questions you might like me to answer. Therefore please feel free to email me at I’m more than happy to help answer your questions as best I can. Just address them to “Adam” and I’ll do my best to respond to you within 24 hours. I look forward to chatting with you.

  • q-iconWho is the Career Success bundle for?

    The Career Success bundle is for you if you desire to climb the career ladder within your organization; if you feel your hard work and efforts are undervalued and under appreciated; if you want to increase your value to your organization and get that pay rise and/or promotion you’ve been waiting for; if you seek to acquire the necessary skills, resources, and tools to enhance your career opportunities.

  • q-iconHow would I go about using each of these maps?

    Each of these mind maps can be used as an effective reference poster to keep you on track and focused on the right things. Simply print out the mind map you wish to reference and post it on your wall, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, beside your bed, or in your office for easy reference throughout the day. Alternatively you can also place the mind map you want to study on your desktop as a background. Here is a link to the IQ Matrix Beginner’s Guide where you will find more information about how to utilize and work-through each map.

  • q-iconWho should not purchase the Career Success bundle?

    You should not purchase the Career Success bundle if you’re looking for a quick fix.

    Some people will want to take shortcuts because they’re just not willing to do the work necessary to master each of these areas. They simply don’t understand that long-lasting success is only achieved when they commit to building a solid foundation that will enhance their value and career prospects.

    If you’re one of these people, than this bundle isn’t for you. It’s instead for those who are serious and willing to develop the necessary skills, acquire the relevant resources, and master the tools necessary to launch their careers to the next level.

  • q-iconAre these mind maps available as posters or as pdfs?

    The mind maps included within the Career Success bundle are all available as pdf downloads. To view these maps you will need to have Adobe Reader or another pdf viewing software installed on your computer or device. These maps are however available for purchase as physical posters from the IQ Matrix Store.

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